Adding a network interface to your PureApplication VM: RedHat

Previously I described how you can add an additional network interface to an existing AIX LPAR on PureApplication System. The instructions are similar if you want to add an interface to an existing RedHat 6.x VM. You should follow the same procedure in the UI to add the new interface to the virtual machine. An asynchronous job is scheduled to add the address; after the job completes, take note of the MAC address and IP address:


Then, login to the virtual machine. Locate the network interface by finding its MAC address, and configure it using the new IP address and the subnet mask for the associated IP group:

[virtuser@ipas-pvm-073-020 ~]$ sudo bash
bash-4.1# ifconfig -a | fgrep -i 00:50:56:8f:1e:a4
eth2      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:50:56:8F:1E:A4
bash-4.1# ipcalc -bn
bash-4.1# cat > /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth2 << EOF
> TYPE=Ethernet
> DEVICE=eth2
> STARTMODE='auto'
> ONBOOT=yes
> _nm_name='static-eth2'
bash-4.1# ifup eth2
Determining if ip address is already in use for device eth2...

This configuration will persist across reboot.

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