Last week, IBM announced the general availability of PureApplication System, Software, and Service version 2.2. There are a lot of exciting developments in this release.

As previously announced, there is now a beta offering of OpenStack Kilo on Intel-based systems.

There are a number of multi-system enhancements that I’m excited about. For example, we are raising the limit on the number of systems in a subdomain from two to four. We are also alleviating the problem of the proliferation of multi-system shared service deployments, by allowing you to link shared service deployments from one multi-system environment profile to another. We’ve also improved the workflow for managing multi-system certificate trust stores.

We’ve significantly enhanced the chargeback reporting capabilities for PureApplication System in version 2.2. And on top of this list of highlights, there are many additional minor enhancements and improvements.

I’m very proud to have had a small part in reaching this milestone. Congratulations to the rest of the PureApplication development team!

2 thoughts on “PureApplication 2.2

  1. Do you have any links to education for the new features from a Customer’s perspective? Thanks!

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