IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions is a set of offerings that allow you to rapidly deploy VMware environments into the IBM Cloud. Previously I’ve described how these offerings work to deploy your VMware environment. But the IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions is more than just a framework to deploy and manage a VMware cloud. The VMware Cloud Foundation instances that we deploy are installed and configured according to a standard solution architecture that was jointly developed by IBM and VMware.

The documentation for our VMware architecture has moved to a new home on the IBM Bluemix Garage Method’s Architecture Center. This site hosts a number of architectures, now also including our VMware virtualization architecture. You can see that we have already started to expand the architecture by creating add-on architectures for VMware vRealize and for HyTrust CloudControl, DataControl, and BoundaryControl. These new specifications are the first of many add-on components that will prescribe how to add additional virtualization services to your VMware environments.

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