Hit List

IBM’s Verse email solution has a feature that dynamically displays your most frequently emailed contacts.

I call it my “chain letter hit list.” If I were going to send a chain letter, these are the folks that would receive it:


As you may have guessed from recent posts, my job responsibilities have shifted from a focus on PureApplication to a focus on IBM’s Cloud for VMware solutions. My “hit list” has also shifted to this new group of folks that I’m privileged and excited to work with.

Oh, and I promise not to send anyone a chain letter.


I recently witnessed this section heading in a lengthy document:


In context the section title makes perfect sense, and the number sequence is aesthetically quite pleasing. (I confess I searched, in vain, for section 3.2.1 “Contact.”) Yet I still had the feeling of non QED.


Software developers are too quick, I think, to blame unexplained bugs on a random memory overlay.

By the same token, hardware folks are, I think, too quick to blame gremlins.

However, after seeing incontrovertible evidence, I had to beg our lab team’s forgiveness the other day for having doubted them: