PureApplication in Malaysia

Last week I helped to facilitate an IBM PureApplication pattern camp in Kuala Lumpur, where we helped PureApplication customers and business partners from Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam to build their own patterns. While there was snow and ice back home in Raleigh, it was very bright and warm in Kuala Lumpur!


Along the way we had a chance to discuss best practices for script packages and scripting, high availability and disaster recovery, multi-system deployment, IBM Bluemix running directly on PureApplication System, and best practices for backup. It’s exciting to see PureApplication growing in Southeast Asia!

Bluemix Local on PureApplication System

Bluemix Local on PureApplication System

I’d like to offer my congratulations to a number of my PureApplication colleagues for the successful release last month of their work to support BlueMix Local on PureApplication System.

While you may have missed it in the original announcement of Bluemix Local, PureApplication System is the premier home for deploying Bluemix Local on-premise, because it combines Bluemix with the strengths of PureApplication, including unified hardware and firmware management and Call Home.