Resume keywords

I’ve had my resume posted online and from time to time I receive a solicitation for job openings. Over time I’ve paid attention to my referral logs to see how folks find my resume. Almost every search includes the following keywords, and almost always they are required keywords:

+objective +education +experience

A large majority of searches also exclude the following keywords, which was a little surprising to me. I imagine that these keywords are meant to exclude job listings. If you post your resume online you should take care not to use these words!

-job -career

I have also seen the following keywords and exclusions. They are less common than the above, but it is worth considering them:

  • +senior +programmer
  • +engineer developer
  • engineer developer
  • intitle:Resume OR inurl:Resume
  • “application programmer” OR “application engineer”
  • -sample -example
  • -your -we
  • -opportunities
  • -apply -submit
  • -tips -guidelines
  • -interview
  • -service

It’s possible that I’m missing other common searches because my own resume doesn’t meet the search criteria! If you are aware of other common search terms please let me know.

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