This morning, Pat Gelsinger of VMware announced the availability of VMware Cloud Foundation, a complete solution for provisioning and maintaining VMware virtualization environments. IBM Cloud’s vice president, Robert LeBlanc, joined Pat on stage at VMworld 2016 to announce the availability of VMware Cloud Foundation in IBM Cloud’s global public cloud infrastructure.

Using VMware Cloud Foundation to automate the deployment of vSphere hypervisors, vCenter, NSX, VSAN, and SDDC Manager, IBM and VMware have been able to reduce the time to provision a fully virtualized and validated compute, storage, and networking environment in the public cloud from weeks to hours. The resulting environment, built on the global reach and secure foundation of the IBM Cloud, can be scaled as needed to accommodate additional workload, and uses Cloud Foundation’s capabilities to manage and maintain the currency of the environment.


Today’s announcement builds on the IBM-VMware partnership announced in February, and represents significant effort by both IBM and VMware engineering. The IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions offering of VMware Cloud Foundation is planned to be available in October 2016.

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